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BD Charge Controllers is designed to show you various ways to power a charge controller. DC Charge Controllers take a varying voltage of DC charge, and then normalize it as it goes into the battery. Other battery charge controllers simply let the voltage pass right through the device, not limiting the voltage at all. This second type of charge controller requires that the load supplied be within the charging limits of the batteries or you can damage the batteries. Below we have a few charge controllers, what each is designed to do, and the application each is ideally designed for. In addition we have a few installations in our gallery for your scrutiny, and hopefully admiration.

DC Charge Controller Schematics and Installations:

  1. Varying Voltage Charge Controller Installation
  2. -Schematics
  3. -Available Charge Controllers
  4. Constant Voltage Charge Controller Installation
  5. -Schematics
  6. -Available Charge Controllers

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